For decades Bearded Collies were not bred for their herding ability. So it is amazing how many Beardies have still this great skills and know exactly what to do and how to handle a flock! So we hope after starting to find out the best herding dogs, we can also start to breed for the herding abilities, to bring this old breed back to it´s roots again!

KASSIE  - Lucy´s Kassie Black v.d. Silbermine:     HWT / TS-1 / TS-2
CHARLIE - Happy Family Charlie Brown:              HWT
ERIN    - Erin z Vilete Bohemia:                   HWT / TS-1 / TS-2 / TS-3
FUCHUR  - Wild Fuchur Black Livie´s v.d.Silbermine:HWT / TS-1 / TS-2
BELLA   - Vallarens Ulla Bella:                    HWT / TS-1 / TS-2
JULA    - Ulla Black Livie´s v.d. Silbermine:      HWT / TS-1 / TS-2 / TS-3
PHOEBE  - Great Phoebe of Charlie's Dogs           TS-1
JOUJOU  - Besevári Szivárványos Flóra:             HWT / TS-1
MERLIN  - Xancinetty Ducky Jonathan:               HWT / TS-1 / TS-2 / TS-3
OTHELLO - Lindsay's Black Dandy of Dog4U:          HWT / TS-1 / TS-2/ TS-3
WAYNE   - Waylon Black Livie´s von der Silbermine: HWT / TS-1

XANO    - Xano Black Kimmy von der Silbermine:     HWT