WBCB at Jackie's place

WBCB visited the Glebes Farm in Nord Yorkshire with Enid, Khemze, Lloyd, Farouche, Lennox, Zohra en Naessa for four days of intensive training.

Jackie Goulder lives in Pickering together with her friend Bob, a herder, on there farm called 'The Glebes'. Friendly hosts, great facilities for training. This time we've focussed on distance, stops and sheep management. (pics Jackie Goulder)


Willy with Khemze

Sofie with Zohra




Willy with Lloyd

Sofie with Naessa

Heidi with Lennox

Sofie with Zohra

Willy with Eind

Heidi with Farouche

Sheepmanagement with Farouche

 After some intensive training time for a 'walkie' with the doggies.